It now seems that Cats can get Covid-19, we spoke to our 4 finest felines and asked them to take precautions and wear a mask Emma, Oliver and Pip, got the message, but Shadow completely lost the plot. emma emma emma emma

Well I didn't think anything would knock our warning about scammers from the top of our page, which only goes to show, I know nothing (jon snow!)


So let's deal with the Elephant in the room, Coronavirus, there I said it! Since everyone else seems to be closing down, no Disney, Universal, Orlando Shakespeare, sports venues and I think you should know that we will continue to work and come out for all your locksmith needs until we are told not to or if we come down with flu like symptoms hire us to sort out your locks, since there isn't much else for us to do. Remember the first thing people touch when they enter a building is the knob or lever on the front door and the last thing they touch are the same on the inside of the door, are you worried yet?

Starting 4/1/20, we will be taking extra precautionsto keep safe while we drive around Kissimmee



Of course Osceola has passed a wear-a-mask rule, So we tried our masks on, but don't think they are going to do much good.


One of our technicians using our new rekeying Toolrekeying

and our new locksmith uniforms look good too

new suits

Here is a link to the lighter side

Watch Out For Scammers

Watch Out For Scammers

and once again

Watch Out For Scammers



Please don't get taken in by Locksmith Scammers, This is so very important that we have a page dedicated to scammers and how to avoid being conned out of your money by these crooks.


Get a Locksmith now!

But on this front page, if we can offer one tip it is, make a note of the telephone number of an Honest Locksmith, so ok we would like it to be us, but do some research on the Better Business Bureau or the Central Florida Locksmith Association, just don't go for the cheapest price.


Cheap Price

If they are saying they are charging a trip charge of $19 or $25, you will end up paying much much more. Visit our special page on scammers to see they trick they employ to get your money.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

If you’re a procrastinator like Douglas Adams, this quote probably made you laugh. So contact us today or at least put our number into your phone contacts

About Us (briefly)

We took over Mid-Florida Locksmith back in 2008 and my wife and I handle a variety of different locksmith task everyday. Since we are located in the Tourist area, we have a number of holiday management companies, who call us night and day to help them out. We also work for a number of store companies in the Disney Area as well as home owners. For a fuller description of the type of work we can help you with, please select the Services tab above.

Gallery of Some of our Florida Animal shots

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We have owned and operated Mid-Florida locksmith since 2008.

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